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Cactus Mountain

Good old friend with beautiful South Western, biker and Indian hand made jewelry, leather belts, halters, and accessories, comes with lifetime guarantee. Cool boot straps and clothing too.

Calyxa's World of Pearl

Wonderful Bryce artist, great tutorials, downloads, links, and very nice hand painted cartography maps on parchment.


Designs, design elements, digital arts studio, brushes, fairy's, angels and much more.

Caribou Studios

Caribou Studios is where you find the artwork of Cincinnati artist Scott Preston, this includes paintings, ceramics, drawings, print and photography

Carina Meijer

A lot of nice artwork, Bryce, Poser, Simply 3D, Web design, modern art, stories, guest gallery, links.


Nice site of Spanish Artist Luis Miguel Cebrian.

CG Effect.com

3D Art & animation artist, graphic design, sci fi art & animation. Surreal art, space art, commercial art and architectural visualisation.

Chris Manis

My brothers excellent photography site designed by Infinitee Designs. Please go have a look, Chris Manis is a truly talented NYC photographer. I highly recommend this site.

Chris Pappathan

Excellent artwork here! Chris is one of the most prolific and fantastic artists around today. Galleries, tutorials and links. I hghly recommend this site.

Christian Lorenz Scheurer

Conceptual designer and digital matte painter, has worked on some of the most innovative movies, games and commercials of the past decade. His range of projects reaches from architectural design for movies such as The Fifth Element to concept art for The Matrix and Titanic to the fantastic dreamscapes of Dark City, What Dreams May Come and Final Fantasy. This site provides a selection of his worlds and works. I highly recommend this site.

Cicile (Cake 1)

Excellent artist, versed in many applications. Try her tutorial on adding your own face to a Poser model. Links, downloads, gallery, store and more. Well worth a visit. I highly recommend this site.

Cindy Fuller Designs

Digital artist that uses Photoshop, Poser, Bryce and image editing programs to create some very nice art.

Claudio Goldini

Know the artwork by Claudio Goldini, Latin artist from Argentina. Expressionism pantings, drawings, monoprints & awards. Contacts in Argentina, USA and Italy.


Very outstanding photography of humans, landscapes and cars. Beautiful Poser work as well.

Colorburst Studios

Our patented "Hair Wraps" are the newest hair accessory sensation. An entirely new, unique way to hold your hair with no moving parts to break or wear out! This link will take you directly to the hair wrap section of our online catalog, where you can order yours today! This is very unique hand crafted Niobium jewelry created by my old friend Paul Crabtree from Portland,Oregon. I highly recommend a visit!

Contemporary African Art

Paintings by native of Somalia contemporary African artist and physician. Art from medical prespectives.

Contemporary Hand Blown Art Glass

CT. Glass Artist creates exquisite hand blown art glass vessels, wall sculptures, chandeliers, dining room tables, furniture, lighting, goblets. Custom design work available.

Craig Mullins

Excellent multi application as well as traditional technique artist and illustrator.

Cynthia King

Magic Moonshadows Original Artistry in Stained Glass is a stained glass art studio specializing in unique designs, and custom crafted work. I bought one of Cynthia's pieces at a Farie Festival and we love it!


A free form artist who gleans from cultural references in all forms or art for the eternal symbols of the soul in an endless adventure.



Dabhin Eng

Excellent digital artist with a flare for comic style/gameing art. Gallery, tips, tutorials and links.

Dade Orgeron Fiction Pixel

Beautifuly designed with multimedia, web site design, animation, flash, digital media, dhtml, 3d illustration, 3d animation, photorealistic illustration, motion graphics, motion design, broadcast graphics and visual effects.

Daniela Keller

*Light Art* - Art opening your mind, digital art for raising your conciousness. holy geometry, information medicine, beauty and joy.

Dany Lyon

Excellent site design and photomanipulation artist. Animation's, portfolio, wallpaper and links.

Daphna Shmuely

Israeli artist that makes unique handcrafted jewelry from antique silver plated cutlery, spoons and forks.

Dark Abyss Productions

Very nice artwork and site design. Multi application computer graphics and cover work. Guest gallery, rants and links.

David Camp

Huge collection of colorful, magical/mystical 3D renderings and digital art.

David Combs

Dedicated to the art of New York painter David Combs this site has information on shows and events, paintings, and contact information. If you enjoy the work of Dali and Escher you'll enjoy this man's work.

David Penfound

David Penfound is one of the Brightest stars in the world of fantasy art. His ability to paint a wide range of subjects, his visually stunning use of vibrant colour together with his untamed imagination sets David's work apart. Cards available at Cactus Mountain.

Dawn L. Mullan

Creative artist's site displaying artistic, biographical, and professional information.

Deramis Angel Creations

A site showcasing fantasy artwork by Nicole Pisaniello. Water color, pencil, pen and ink prints, plus sculptures and other art is available.

Derek Herring

Spiritchasers.com is an online portfolio showcasing digital illustrations of Derek Herring. Artist of the Month for July 2005.

Derek McCrea

Lighthouse, flower, barn and landscape watercolor, oil, acrylic paintings, pen and ink drawings.

Digital Dynasty

Graphics, clipart and Abstract digital art.


Very nice site design and sharp graphics. Gallery, writings, interviews and links.


Acrylics on canvas and digital art prints by Meenal. Genres include figurative abstracts, decoratives & child art. Aesthetic influences - psychology theater cinema meditation consciousness research. Her uniqueness simplicity innocence serenity wonder.

Dillon Design

Guillermo Dillon. Art gallery of 3D faces, 3D landscapes and photographic manipulation. Galería de 3D faces, paisajes 3D y manipulación fotografica.

Don Boddeker

Very nice multi medium site. Fantasy, abstract, airbrush, pencil, fantasy and guest galleries.

Dorian Cleavenger

DorianArt is a fantastic gallery of paintings by Dorian Cleavenger. Some are for sale, some are not but all are worthy of a long hard look! I highly recommend a visit to this artists site.

DrawShop & Custom Graphics Artwork

Liven up your presentations with colorfull, unique quality graphics images by artist Poul Carlsen! We'll create your very own custom drawing, mascot or logo to your exact specifications. Submit your proposal and we will send you a rough-draft drawing sketch for your approval.

D.R. Bennett

The truth IS stranger than fiction. Check out the life of this writer/artist/musician!

Drazenka Kimpel

Superb artwork and excellent Flash site design. Tasteful nudes and romantic imagery abound. I highly recommend a visit!

Dutch-Apple Enterprises

Offering lifelike, full size animated butterflys and dragonflies for sale.



Earth Curves

Beautiful site of digital fantasy art and illustration by Will Kramer.

Eli Levy

Oil on canvas paintings close to surrealistic fantastic style.Warm and strong colors. May interest art lovers and art dealers.

Ellie Morin

Home and on line gallery featuring the magnificently wonderful art of Ellie Morin. For a truly inspiring experience in art. Here you will find a wide array of creations from Spiritual and fantasy to the human anatomy. Highly recommended!

Elisa Vegliante

"Ms. Vegliante's work is an ongoing cultural diary of Western Civlization's mass hysteria at the breaking point."

Ely Bartha

This is the official web site of the artist Ely Bartha. The wonderful artwork of her world of fantasy and imagination.

Emily Smith

Artist displays faux finishing, fine art, decorative painting, murals, and trompe l'oeil in her online gallery. Art mediums include watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, pencil, drawings and paintings. Resources for artists, interior designers, decorators and home improvement.

Eni Oken

Excellent artist / writer, tips, tricks and more. Nice site too! I highly recommend this artist!

Erotic Art Beautiful Female Nudes

Erotic Art created in watercolor and photographic style by artist Timothy OLeary.


Shape framed creations design is the form of the piece.

Evon Grafix

Design & Light shows for the Entertainment Industry.

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