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Rafi Perez

Paintings of male figures, female nudes, gay and straight couples, flowers, stil-life and naive paintings.

Ralph Campbell

The Bryce renderings of Ralph Campbell. Great colors.

Ralph Manis

Professional 3D graphics, computer digital illustration, Full service Web design, sci-fi/fantasy, Rock n Roll T-shirts, free downloads, digital art tutorials by artist Ralph Manis. 10 Ocean Drive Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. (302) 934 6994.

Ralph McQuarrie

Best known for his unforgettable work on the Star Wars trilogy, Ralph's extensive body of work extends far beyond the boundaries of the Star Wars Galaxy. This website presents another side of Ralph McQuarrie, including his original artwork created for various venues including Movie Poster Art, Book Cover Art, Theme Park Rides, and Film Conceptual Designs.

Randolphlee McIver

Contemporary figurative paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Raymond Mars Gallery

An e-gallery space featuring nine of the neo-pop artist Raymond Mars' digital portraits. Includes several portraits in the artist's unique manner. Images are unsolicited art interpretations. Images explore the aura and other concepts of popular culture.

Renee Biertempfel

Specializing in Faery and Fantasy Art Prints, Gifts, Books and more. Created by Renee Biertempfel. I highly recommend this artist!

Riyaz Works

2D, 3D animations, motion graphics, illustration and freelance work by artist Riyaz Ahamed.

Rodney Smith Gallery

Very nice mix of content and styles at Rod's Gallery and Infernal Barbeque! Very comic book influanced with a sharpe edge. The pencil sketches are hot! I recommend a visit!

Roger Dean

One of my all time favorites, Roger Dean is an internationally recognised artist and designer, whose evocative and visionary images with associated graphics, logos, and lettering, created a new genre of work. Made popular through the medium of album covers and posters his work, including posters, cards, books and album covers etc., has sold in excess of sixty million copies world-wide.

Rudi Carstens

Buy quality original oil paintings by professional artist Rudi Carstens.

Ryan Church

Excellent digital concept artist that has worked on such projects as Star Wars for Lucas film Ltd. and published in "The Art of Star Wars, Episode II" His site has some great information on how he produces his work and also, has a DVD available for purchase. I highly recommend this site!



Sarit Macleod

Artist's gallery, art print shop and business website. Sarit is a creative and original visual artist working mainlyin mixed media digital printmaking.

Screaming Mad George

SMG special effects... specializing in prosthetics, special makeup, creatures, for movies, television, theater, music videos. Credits include: Minority Report, The Guyver, Poltergeist II, Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Marilyn Manson, Space Truckers, Freaked, Wishmaster and Re-Animator 2. Current credits include Marilyn Manson, N Sync, Slipknot, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC and Korn. An old friend who is an amaizing special effects artist. I highly recommend a visit.

Sebastian Marquez

Wonderful traditional style and digital painter. Lot's of utorials, personal and guest galleries, links and more.

Second Reality

Some very excellent 3D artwork and resources.

Sarit Macleod

Original multi media, digital, fine art prints by Australian artist Sarit Macleod.

Shadow Scapes

The absolutely beautiful fantasy artwork of San Franciscan artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

Shane Rickman

I paint to inspire, to wake the spirit from its slumber and to remind myself of the splendor and beauty of life. I decided when painting, to allow my innocence of spirit and naive form to grow and find their way into my art. I learned, over time, to accept the lines, colors, and ideas that shaped my way to art.

Shifters Clocks

Metal art clocks by Nick Shiflet.

SIGMA Fraternity

Visit the universe of MIB through the paranormal and amazing story of Indrid Cold.

Simon Barclay

Original 3D Computer Graphic work by 17 year old student .

Simply Elemental

A site dedicated to 2D digital art, mainly created in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.

Sky Dancer

Some really great computer graphic art. Site also has galleries, free stuff, links, store, and much, much more.


Beautiful composition and some of the best textures I've seen. A digital master.

Socar Myles

Intriguing artwork just that side of darkness. Strong graphic style at times, I highly recommend a look.

Something Wonderful

Traveling Uncle Nat's wonderful site of art. A site to have fun getting lost in! Bryce art, links, chat and much more.

Sonya Moran

Sonya Moran is one of Australia's freshest sculptors. Works in Australian Chillagoe Marble, with limited edition reproductions in cold cast bronze, white metal and resin.

Sophie M. Klesen

Very interesting site construction and art of artist , sculptor, Sophie M. Klesen.


Spiritchasers.com is an online portfolio showcasing digital illustrations of Derek Herring. Artist of the Month for July 2005.

Stanley Mouse

Rock an Roll's grand master of art. Creator of some of the most famous album covers of all time.

Stephan Martiniere

One of my favorite conceptual artists and the May 2004 "Artist of the Month" at Infinitee Designs. For the last 20 years, multiple award winning artist Stephan Martiniere has smoothly morphed his talent from whimsical fantasy to hard core science fiction on such projects as Star Wars episode 2 and 3, Virus, Red Planet, Star Trek "The Experience", "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst" and the upcoming "I Robot"

Steven Hägg Ståhlberg

Excellent 3D artist, painter, muli-media wizard. Highly recommended!

Stietencron Portraits

Contains portraits, animals portraits, contemporary, semi abstract paintings and nude portraits.

Stratos Fountoulis

Mixed media and acrylics on canvas and wood, a retrospective view since 1989. Biography and useful links.

Suzana Stojanovic

Glamorous series of highly realistic paintings of horses - oils and pastels. Suzana's paintings are amazingly realistic because of the warm feeling that she produces in any of the paintings, any of those horses' eyes.

Syd Mead

One of my favorite futuristic artists. I highly recommend a visit to this site!

Sylvie Robert Digital Art

Sylvie Robert was born in Paris (France) in 1964. She was exposed to art early due to her family's interest in antiques and fine art. She was raised in a home full of paintings, sculptures and fine furnishings.. Sylvie followed her mother Nicole in appreciation of collections covering the most important Art auctioneers such as Sotheby and Christy's.

Symmetry in Wood

Gordon R. Merrick of Maine, a collection of psychedelic images created in wood burls creating a kaleidoscopic view of what trees are all about. Some truly amazing woodwork I highly recommend a visit.




This site contains Tallulah's classical nude paintings, and the vintage erotica of French Nude Postcards. There is no pornography but, this is adult material. If nudity in art offends you, please do not enter.

Tanczos Graphics

Image gallery, molecular graphics, scientific art, 3D design. Using Bryce, POV-Ray, Terragen and Poser.

TanGenT Graphic Technique

From Joe Wallis. This site is dedicated to visual art. Graphic Design, 3D modeling, Ray Tracing, Bryce, Freehand work, Photography digital and analogue..etc... will all eventually have a place here.

Taron (Timur Baysal)

A very talented Lightwave 3D artist. I highly recommend a visit to this site.

TeamGT Studios

Cool site, great artwork. They seem like a nice bunch of Nut's.

Ted Cross

Professional portrait artist- Custom portraits in pastel, oil, pencil, and watercolor. Commission a family, military, baby or pet portrait today.

Teresa Bernard

Animal Art and Wildlife Oil Paintings - Original wildlife oil paintings for sale - including portraits, seascapes, still life, landscapes, religious art and commission art. Free online art lessons. Also offering professional Web design and SEO for the visual arts.

Terje Adler Mørk

Terje Adler Mørk was born in Odda, Norway in 1949. He has a background within IT and programming from Bergen and later in Sarpsborg where he moved in 1987. In 2001 he quit working with computers and started painting full time. His favourite subject is the study of the human figure and to recreate it as thinking psychological beings.


The personal art gallery of Richard Hawkins, containing artwork in formats including ink, pencil, water colour, charcoal and digital. From human and pet portraits to landscape visuals to CD cover remixes and scifi future.

Terry Marks

An internationally exhibited, award-winning painter, printmaker, and illustrator. Each of her paintings is is like a dream, where the characters she invents interact with props and each other in settings where everything behaves as a symbol for something else. Besides, she's a dear old friend!

The Art Gallery of WM

3D portfolio of Russian artist Viatcheslav Mishchenko. Galleries, Flash, downloads and links.

The Design Studio

A 1 stop studio for 3D modeling, arch-renderings, walkthrough, cad, illustration etc. Also offers free textures and downloads.

The Great Illusion

A truly fantastic art site and Web design. Written & designed by Victor Kahn with paintings by Jim Warren. I highly recommend a visit to this site!

The Mind of Madness

Wonderful artwork by Chris Becker. 3D, painting, drawing, photography, and guest galleries, downloads and links.

The Synthetic Dream Foundation

Dark fantasy art, surrealist artist gallery, black and white photography.

The Widows Web

Wonderful art and site design by Mary Broussard. Links, tutorials, gallery, and lots of great information.

Things Creative

Functional art furniture and decorative wall mirrors by Kevin Yarbough.

Thomas Bijon

Digital Art by Thomas Bijon. Digital paintings the art of painting with photos.


Tounille is an artist, generating her paintings in Ceret in Catalonia in the south of France. Ceret is famous for its modern art and hosts a Picasso museum, as well as a Museum of Modern Art. This abstract painter usually produces her masterpieces with acrylic paints on canvas, though often also experiments with other materials.

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